Green Acres Beach & Trail Rides Horseback Rides in Pacific City

Reservation Information

Before you call to reserve a ride...

Our Beach Rides and "Summer Stable" are based in Pacific City and not the Lincoln City property. 

The 2 locations are about 30 minutes apart. We will need to know the total number of riders, the most we can currently accommodate is about 10 riders at a time. 

Sometimes larger groups can be split up and run "back to back" while the rest of the group hangs out on the beach. We will also need to know how many children age 8 and over that wish to ride. 

The kids that do not demonstrate the ability to steer or stop a horse will need to be tethered to a guide, limiting the number of younger kids per ride.

We need to know the weight of all the riders over 200 lbs. We currently can not accommodate anyone over 240 lbs. It is not in your best interest to exaggerate, we do keep a scale on site and our guides are required to use it when there is doubt. 

We offer a 1 and 2 hour ride, the main difference is that on the 2 hour ride we will make it to the river mouth and utilize the Dune Trails to get back, its a bit more vigorous and we can not tether any children on this ride.

Finally, It helps to know if any members of your party has any serious riding experience. We will try to enhance your ride based on this knowledge, just remember that it is not in your best interest to exaggerate this either!

Important Notes...There is a difference between the Beach & Dune Trail Ride and the Mountain Trail Ride.

Once your ride has been scheduled over the will need to pay a $25 deposit for each rider, this can be done on on this Website or over the phone. We take any major Credit or Debit cards

You will need to Call  541-921-6076 for current availability.

Things to know before your ride... 

So please take the time to read over the following policies we enforce for your safety.

All riders must sign release of liability form, minors will need legal guardians to sign for them. This can be done the day of the ride, however should be printed and filled out by the legal guardians prior to the ride if someone other than the legal guardian has custody at the time of the ride.

Printable Release Form
PDF Version
Word Version

Riders should be at least 8 years old and in good health. Please disclose any health conditions including allergies, physical or mental disabilities in the initial phone conversation.

We do have some experience handling special needs and we are happy to discuss possibilities over the phone.

Sorry, we can not ride pregnant women.

We urge all riders to wear a helmet but riders under 18 years old are required to wear a helmet but don't worry, we will provide them.

Adult riders 18 years and over that do not want wear a helmet will be required to sign a secondary release form at the time of the ride.

Sneakers and boots are required, No sandals, flip flops (open toed shoes)!

Every year we loose a couple phones... Zipper pockets are great for this ! We try to discourage larger cameras that you would need to hang around your neck as this can be a safety problem.

Our guides will have small saddlebags to help carry phones and Cameras, and are always happy to help snap pictures for you.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Refunds & Reschedules are possible with a minimum 24 hours advance notice. We do reserve the right to cancel rides when the rain is to hard or the forecast looks bad and we fear nobody would enjoy the experience.

Please remember, we are flexible so often we are able to push rides back later in the day or reschedule for the following day.

Consider booking your rides early in your stay so we have the ability to reschedule.

You cannot reserve a ride online, only pay for it. You will need to call to check availability and confirm the details of your party.

Green Acres Beach & Trail Rides Horseback Rides in Pacific City & Lincoln City

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