Uno is a Mini Mule 

he is a bit of a project because he was once used as a "roping dummy". We were told there were open oozing wounds on his neck when he was rescued. Uno has come a long way still seems to trust kids much more than adults !

Foxy Doll

Registered Paint

Foxy is a Palomino Paint and one of our best "kid horses". She is a staple of our lesson program at the barn and hundreds of kids can say Foxy is the first horse they ever rode on the beach or in the arena every year !

Jake "Jet"

Registered Paint

Jake is one of the founding members of our string. He has proven to be a great guide or customer horse. Gary gifted Jake to our Head Guide Tiana Clark because they work so well together !

"Watch Chrome Go"

Registered Quarter Horse

Chrome is the Foundation of our string and alpha to the herd. He is not the biggest or strongest, just the most tenacious. He is typically used as a guide horse and ponies the younger kids on the beach rides


Paint with both blue eyes

Dolly is probably the most docile horse he have. She loves kids and is currently leased by our Lead Guide Miranda Jacob. Miranda's son Jax rides her in the lessons.

Green Acres Beach & Trail Rides Horseback Rides in Pacific City


"Bella Boo" aka "Boo Boo"

Percheron Draft/ Quarter horse cross

Bella has asserted herself as the alpha mare and is quite the "Diva" . She is very smooth and responsive,  just stay out of her bubble !

May be eligible for our shared lease this winter !


"Sir Phantom Spook"

Phantom actually came to us from the horse rescue Equine Outreach in Bend Or. His "before and after" pictures were used by Horse Gaurd on their Super Weight Gain flyer. Hannah Banana rides him in the off season for us.


Registered Paint

Ghost is a nucklehead. He has a condition called PSSM which basically means he has a high maintenance special diet. He still hasn't figure out why his own shadow is always sneaking up on him.

Titan aka "Mr. T"

Clydesdayle/ Paint cross

Mr. T fell in love with Bella at first sight and after years of resistance and many scars later... they get along famously. At 19 years old Mr. T will retire from the beach to green pastures and long naps in the sun this year.

The Partial Lease Program
Many of the String horses used for our rides are availible for partial leases during the off season months.

In Training or Retired !

Registered "Charly Petite"

Charly is a founding member of our string. At 20 years old he is going strong but is also looking at retirement this year. Charly makes up for his lack of ground manners for his smooth ride. Many returning customers ask for him specifically.


Belgium/Fjord Draft cross

Tiny is probably our biggest horse and she is so sweet she deserves a name more like "Love". Tiny attends of several parades and carries our smallest kids in our lesson program. Tiny may be eligible for one of our partial leases this year. 


​Quarter horse

Duke is actually on loan to us this year. Sara, Ron and Brooklyn board him with us at our barn in Lincoln City and graciously let us use him while they tend to their brand new baby. Duke is so solid we wish we had 10 more just like him !

The Mini's

"Walter Kelly Chance Vegieburger"

Some times when we get a "horse with no name" we get to make one up... his was a combination of Gary's fathers name (he had to buy him for himself to convince us to name him Walter...)  and still had to  compromise with all the kids that went to pick him up !

You want to meet the horses that make Green Acres Beach & Trail Rides the best outfitters on the Oregon Coast... Well here you go !
 "Donkey Horse"

​Sunny is a BLM mustang rescue. He was born in the wild and he might be the smartest horse we have, the problem is he is just smart enough to be a pain in the butt ! 

Rainy was originally adopted for some friends, turns out she was deliberately sold with out disclosing a condition called "the Heeves" She now very well at our neighbors pasture and Sheryl Smith is happy to keep her.
I like to call him Mr. Valentine because Valentine is kind of girly name for a boy... We are still working him into the string so he requires an intermediate to advanced rider and is typically only used as a guide horse at this point.

Dual Registered Quarter Horse and Palomino


Registered Foundation Quarterhorse


​Registered Paint

Toby is the latest addition to our string... So new we haven't even paid for him yet ! Toby has proven to be a solid member of our string and he is replacing one of the 2 favorite kid horses we were forced to retire this year due to medical conditions.

Lodi Dodi